General Information

Phone calls

All arrested persons are entitled to three free local or three collect long distance calls, ​within three hours of being arrested. After the booking process is completed, the arrested ​person may use the telephone to make calls to arrange for bail, contact an attorney, or ​notify family or other persons.

​Telephone calls to attorneys, physicians, clergyman, sexual assault counselors or ​psychotherapists cannot be eavesdropped upon or monitored. All other telephone calls ​may be monitored, eavesdropped upon and recorded to provide for the reasonable ​security of the jail.

​Housed inmates may use the telephone in their cell block day room to make collect or ​credit card calls or they may request to use a telephone that is not monitored for calls to ​attorneys, physicians, clergyman, sexual assault counselors or psychotherapists. Inmates ​may use the telephone between 6:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M. All telephones may be turned ​off for the safety and security of the jail at any given time.


Inmates receive incoming mail Monday through Thursday. If an inmate has no money, ​postage for three personal letters per week will be provided. Legal mail is not restricted.

​Inmate mailing address:

​Inmate name, block & cell #
​Amador County Jail
​700 Court Street
​Jackson, CA 95642

​Mail must have a complete mailing and return address with the sender's name on the ​envelope. All mail will be checked for contraband. Correspondence privileges may be ​withheld if an inmate attempts to receive contraband through the mail.

Inmate Accounts

Effective July 1, 2014, deposits to inmate accounts will no longer be accepted at our front counter or via U.S.Mail.

Money can be deposited into inmate accounts using the kiosk in our lobby, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm and during visiting hours.

Effective 07/08/14, money can also be deposited into inmate accounts on-line and via telephone. or (866)394-0490 

Use Facility Code JAQ and Pay Location Code #5500.

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