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The Amador County Sheriff's Office Dispatch and Communications Center provides law enforcement dispatch services for the Office of the Sheriff, Ione Police Department, Jackson Police Department and Sutter Creek Police Department. The Amador County Sheriff's Office Dispatch and Communications Center is the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the entire county.

Amador County Sheriff's Office Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD) answer all incoming 911 calls for assistance. Amador County Sheriff's Office EMDs provide pre-arrival medical assistance to those with medical emergencies and they dispatch American Legion Ambulance to all required medical calls. Incoming fire calls are routed to the Cal Fire Communications Center in El Dorado County.

Amador County Sheriff's Office Dispatchers answer most incoming telephone lines at the Sheriff's Office and they represent the first line of service to our community. Our Dispatch and Communications Center serves a population of approximately 38,400 within a service area of 612 square miles. On average, the Communications Center handles over 725 "911" Emergency Calls, and 6,000 non-emergency calls per month.

In addition to the emergency calls, the Communication Bureau provides after hour dispatch and phone service for the Jackson Police Department, Sutter Creek Police Department and Ione Police Department.

The Communications Bureau is the critical link between community members and law enforcement officers in the field. When you call the Communications Bureau, you will speak with a highly trained dispatcher, whose mission is to provide a high level of quality service. Some Dispatchers are also trained as Emergency Medical Dispatchers to assist callers and law enforcement officers with medical aid needs. Additionally, the Communications Bureau is responsible for the deployment and coordination of resources for both emergency and non-emergency requests for assistance.

Sheriff's Office Dispatch Stats for 2018

Total 911 Calls
Total Non-Emergency Calls
Total Law Enforcement Incidents Dispatched
11,596 (Sheriff's Office Incidents only)
Total Medical Incidents Dispatched

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